From 12 noon - Community Picnics  

bring your picnic and include something to share round - meet your neighbours or visit a new part of the village to make new friends! If you have a gazebo and it looks like it might rain, please do take it along and share



Local contacts given to help co-ordination:


● Fraser Road Car Park at Springvale Stores – sponsored by Springvale Stores. Contact: Mandy Hallisey 07760 636045


● Willis Way - Contact: Helen Smith 07875 412039 and Joanna Meharg 808479


● Watercress Beds open space, off Bedfield Lane, Headbourne Worthy: Contact: Jane Rutter 884981


● The Pastures - Contact: Barbara Dunton 882012


● Kings Barton - Contact: Caterina Zucca 07447 905909


● Mill Lane, Abbots Worthy - Contact: Sarah White 883247


● Lynn Way – Contact: Jill Prince 883224 



From 3pm: Vintage Cream Teas in the Audsley Room, Church Rooms, St Mary’s Church on London Road.