Flower, Fruit and Produce Show Results


6 runner beans     

          Winner          Jill Prince

          2nd place       Milly Coope


5 tomatoes

Winner          Stuart Vause - Best in Show (Growing Categories)

          2nd place       Pauline Jones


4 potatoes  

Winner          Pauline Jones

          2nd place       Stuart Vause


3 beetroot   

Winner          Stuart Vause




No entries


Heaviest marrow

Winner          Leon Dufor


Best misshapen vegetable

No entries


4 cooking apples  


Winner          Kirstie Mole

          2nd place       Trish Bright




4 eating apples


Winner          Trish Bright

          2nd place       Isabelle Haigh

3rd place        Stuart Vause


Any other fruit

Winner          Stuart Vause


Animal made from fruit and vegetables (U12s)       

Winner          Ollie Tighe

2nd place       Jessie Payn

3rd place        Eloise Coope



5 autumn flowers (individual or mixed)

Winner          Barbara Vause

          Runner up     Leigh McQueen


Collection of 9 seedheads on stems from the garden


Winner          Jill Prince

          Runner up     Trish Bright



Miniature garden (no bigger than 30x20cm) (U12s)       


Winner          Ella Tighe

2nd place       Jewson Witcher

3rd place        Joel Kirkman



Victoria Sponge    

Winner          Liz Tighe

          2nd place       Caroline Kirkman

3rd place        Kirsty Mole


4 cheese scones

Winner          Pauline Jones

          2nd place       Charlotte Marsh

3rd place        Rhian McNaughton


Bake – using an energy saving method

Winner          Caroline Kirkman – Best in Show (Creation categories)

          2nd place       Alison Skillen

3rd place        Emma Lowres



Jar of jam or jelly

Winner          Barbara Vause

          2nd place       Isabelle Haigh

3rd place        Jill Prince


Jar of chutney

Winner          Louise Scognamiglio

          2nd place       Charlotte Marsh

3rd place        Milly Coope


4 cup cakes (U12s)

Winner          Monty Coope – Best in Show (U12s classes)

          2nd place       Imogen Witcher

3rd place        Hannah Pye